Masseria Setteporte

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The winery Masseria Setteporte is located in a very unique place: on the
south-western slope of the Sicilian vulcano Etna, in the town of Biancavilla,
within the Etna D.O.C. area.

Here, viticulture dates back to ancient times. The Portale family, owners of Masseria Setteporte, have passed their winemaking tradition down through generations.
The farm was first modernised by Ferdinando Portale who turned the classic bush trained vineyards into a vertical trellis system, which is more suitable for modern growing techniques. In 2002 Piero Portale decided to carry on his father’s project, taking the farm from its original 12 ha to 27 ha, 16.5 of which are already planted with vines.

The vineyards are cultivated on terraces facing south, at an altitude between 650 and 800 m a.s.l. where the vulcanic soil, the high altitudes and the typical Mediterranean climate create a unique habitat for wines which excel in elegance and feature an intriguing aroma profile as well as superb drinkability.

Masseria Setteporte is a certified organic winery.

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